Sunday morning came pretty early for me. My usual Sunday morning I’m either up making a nice big breakfast with my wife, or I’m out riding early. Today I’m at a ski resort in New Jersey to see the new Cannondale and GT bikes, as well as see what I can learn about the bicycle business in general.

During the road presentation today I got the details on the new 2018 Cannondale Synapse – lighter (over 300 grams frame and fork) stiffer, more tire room, and most of them using disc brakes. As you know if you read my post from Saturday, it’s an amazing bike to ride. Snappier, more confident at speed, and pretty comfortable for long rides.

After Lunch we got to see the new Mountain bikes, some new scalpel models, F-Si in some great new spec’s and colors, the new Trigger. Most exciting are the changes to our everyday sellers like the Trail and Cujo models with 1x drivetrains.

Cannondale is going after the kids market too, lighter, better geometry for safely learning to ride, they even have a lefty on the smallest balance bike.

Through all of these new bikes there are two themes

  1. SE for Special Edition. Road, gravel, and mountain bikes with wider tires, wider bars, dropper posts and more suspension travel (in the case of the scalpel). These SE model bikes look great and have features many of our clients are asking for on their bikes.
  2. Electric Assist. We’ve been playing with a Quick Neo at the shop for a couple of weeks, this bike goes 20 mph without a ton of effort and has good battery range. There’s even a full suspension mtb and a hardtail 27.5 Cujo model.

So after the work today, I went on another ride. As I mentioned, I grew up as a roadie, and Ted King was leading a ride, couldn’t really turn that down now could I? I chose a SuperX SE – a model we have on the floor and will be offering some demo time on next week. It’s a Cyclocross bike with a wider rim and tire and a 1x drivetrain. Did I mention it has some really sharp WTB Riddler 37c gumwall tires, definitely in fashion right now.

Ted is a former world tour level pro rider, most of us that went along, are not. He took it easy on us. We went just over 20 miles and this bike definitely didn’t stop me from keeping up, my lack of miles did that for me. Beautiful hilly terrain again, one flat to repair (on a super6) and I was incredibly comfortable. Many of the reasons I like my Slate are shared in this SuperX. No worries for potholes or gravel and good solid rolling speeds.

After returning from the road ride, I grabbed a trigger and took it up the lift. I am not a big jump guy, I’m a decent cross country rider, but the rocky terrain and jumps are something I need some time to get used to. I followed Matt from Brick Wheels down the Greenhorn run a few times – on the last run I went over a feature and was surprised by the way it transitioned – I fell – moderately. More harmful to my pride than anything, but a good reminder to ride within your skill set. I’ll be bringing armor next time.

After dinner our GT inside rep walked me through the expanded GT BMX line as well, some great park, classic, and race product in here, check out the pics.

All in all, a good day.