Monday was supposed to start with some riding, but rain put that off. We sat in a presentation on the overall bike market and then We went through Cannondale’s new women’s line of bikes. Cannondale has been improving the bikes they build for women for years now. This year is no exception, we’ll be adding some to our own demo lineup.

After the presentations, I went back to my room to finish up the orders I came to place then got out riding again. This afternoon I rode a Bad Habit Carbon 1, I have to tell you it restored my mountain biking confidence, I was feeling a little timid after yesterdays fall. 120mm of travel and 3 inch tires will make most of us more confident. We rode the lift up and rode down – if you haven’t done it, it’s harder than it sounds. You’re holding on tight the whole way down, dropper post down (so standing up), and jumping at every chance. I know the Trigger is faster, but I have a brand new appreciation for a mid fat tire on a plush full suspension. I even doubled a jump (yes only one). This bike, and the location once again reminded me of why I like riding.