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I own a bike shop, it’s a decent gig. I work a lot, especially at some of the best ride times of the season. But it has it’s perks. Today I’m at a ski resort in New Jersey to see the new Cannondale bikes I’ll be selling in 2018. I’ll work all weekend, well kind of, sitting in presentations, evaluating the new product offerings and placing some orders… but when I arrived today I had the chance to take a new Cannondale for a ride.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to ride, you know how it is… I’ve been moving through airports and sitting on a plane, then a bus to the hotel. On any given day I know if I go ride I’ll feel better, and today was no different. I couldn’t even make up my mind initially about what to ride, there are some amazing bikes here, but I grew up on road bikes, so that’s comfortable and makes me feel confident.

I settled on the 2018 Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod Disc Dura-Ace road bike. This bike is amazing in all the ways it should be, lightweight, it offers the comfortable geometry I need (I’m not 25 anymore), it’s stiff, and it shifts and brakes perfectly. One of the demo personnel sent me out on an 18 mile loop, perfect because I only had about an hour and a half before cocktail hour, wouldn’t want to miss that. This loop had everything, punchy little climbs, fast descents, in fact as I rode longer I realized, I was no longer paying attention to the bike, it was performing just as it should. It allowed me to look around at the scenery (it’s beautiful near Vernon, New Jersey), I had a flock of Turkey’s cross my path 20 strong, I saw deer, and more hawks than I have ever seen on any ride. In the last few miles of the ride, I was even on some gravel, which I love. To sum up, amazing, I feel great, now to head to that cocktail party.

I’ll try and share a few more experiences from this trip and of course the cool bikes I ride. We’ll have some form of most of them at the shop, and plenty of news outlets are better at the specifics of the bikes, so I’ll let them tell you what tires Cannondale chose to spec the bike with. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed this new Synapse, I’ve owned and ridden my share of top end road bikes, this one is as nice as I’ve ridden. Maybe this is my next steed, although I do like my Slate, maybe I’ll just need to have both of them.

I included a few pics as well, there’s a new SuperSix Evo with chrome seat stays, the new orange Slate with knobby tires and a new 1x spec, and of course the Synapse I rode.