Memorial Day Ride or F-SI Carbon 1 (second post)

2015-05-25 15.51.51

2014 Cannondale F29 Carbon 3 on the left, 2015 Cannondale F-SI Carbon 1 on the right. On the bridge at Luton Park.

I’ve managed to get two more rides in on the F-SI this week. Don and I went out on an extended ride on Memorial Day. We met at Cannonsburg Ski Area, got rained on a bit (ok a lot), in fact enough that we wondered if we’d be forced to leave so as not to damage the trail. We ended up doing two laps as we could tell as soon as it stopped raining that it still hadn’t soaked in, so no mud. I go uphill a little faster than Don, but he goes downhill and around corners well, so we’re good at pushing each other. The rain actually made the trail conditions great, fast and decent traction. We stopped in the parking lot, cleaned up our bikes a bit, then rode over to Luton Park for a lap. We traded the lead over to Luton, again pushing each other, a lot more fun on the trail. When we dove into Luton I almost immediately caught a rock with my foot, Don was in the lead and I arrogantly told him to go and I’d see if I could catch him. He ended up waiting near the end of the Orange loop. We traded the lead through Luton and then split up at the 10 mile lot. Don is getting ready for Lumberjack so he needs the miles, I am not. Getting back to Cannonsburg, I had 32 miles in. Still getting used to the saddle, but not bad. Don Finished about 40 miles I’d guess, as he rode over to Merrell. He crashed and bent his derailleur hanger, but sounded happy with the ride. I really like this bike. It handles very predictably at speed, it accelerates very well, and I can’t quite believe it, but it’s darn comfortable. I’ve got 50 miles on it so far, and I’m starting to think I might not change anything. I was expecting to need to change from the Fabric Scoop Shallow to a Radius instead, but I’m finding reduced pressure from this saddle and I can move around on it more than the saddles I’ve been using. I think the seatpost is providing some needed suspension. I’m going to break down some more of the components in a later post. Love the bike. Oh, it’s 22 pounds. Brian