Knee & Arm Warmers For Fall Riding

Arm and Knee Warmers

Like a lot of cyclists, I’ve experimented with a lot of clothing and arrived at ways of dressing that keep me comfortable on my bike in a lot of different kinds of weather, oh and I’m the first one cold on almost any ride. As it was cool at the beginning of September, you might find you need some in between clothing. For this cooler weather I often wear a breathable layer under my jersey, arm warmers, and knee warmers. I also might add a pair of baggy shorts just to put a second layer over the core.

I like my cycling clothing to be flexible, meaning I get to use it together with other pieces as frequently as possible. I don’t like spending all that money on a piece of clothing that only gets used a few times a year. Knee and arm warmers fit this flexibility. I lead an early Saturday ride, the temperature can change a lot between 7 and 9 am in the spring and fall. So I can start my ride at 7 when it’s 40 degrees and if it’s 60 by the end of the ride I can remove the knee and arm warmers and they fit in my back pocket, they don’t take up a lot of space. Keeping your knees warm can also improve performance and keep some pain away, at least my knees hurt less when they’re kept warm.

Love the Ride!

Brian Walquist / Alger Bikes